Managing and Organising AI Talent

In spite of its potential, executing and achieving success in machine learning and AI projects can prove to be quite challenging. Frequently, even the most diligent efforts can be hindered by uncertainties surrounding a rapidly evolving technical landscape, perplexity about

Cultivating a Mission Directed Approach to AI

Keeping an eye on the latest disruptive innovations in the AI space and adopting a long-term perspective on value creation enables organizations to thrive. Many promising technologies are still in development, discussed at research conferences, and have yet to be

MLOps and Data Management

Data is tricky to manage once the operations scale. It can grow exponentially, coming in from new sources, and becoming more diverse, which makes it increasingly challenging to process and find insights. Mature organizations like Google, Airbnb and Uber have

Is Machine learning the right tool for your problem?

In recent years, a specific area within the field of artificial intelligence known as machine learning has successfully emulated various aspects of human intellect. Machine learning-based computer programs have demonstrated their prowess by outperforming world champions in games like chess

Tools for building Strategic Resilience

As we enter the Post-COVID world, impending economic downturn takes hold in the business world. Organizations that were performing well well under normal conditions when black swan events like Covid disrupt the normal flow of things. In these scenarios organisations

Data Science Maturity Model: A Primer

In the past decade or so, businesses have realized that they can extract value out of the data they collect (e.g. user data and event data) to make data-informed decisions that replace the old model of deciding best argument