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Data Driven Process Optimisation - Open research Challenges

Modern organizations routinely deploy process analytics, including process discovery and variant analysis techniques, both to gain insight into the reality of their operational processes and also to identify process improvement opportunities. Process analytic approaches play a critical role in supporting

On Curse of Dimensionality

In this post, I will be sharing my understanding of feature selection process: In Theory feature selection can help in reducing the dimensionality, leading to simpler models that are easier to understand and interpret. Models with large number of features

Information Theory

CEO of deepmind, also believes that best way to understand physics and universe is from a computational prespective and information being the fundamental unit of reality that can describe the universe (rather than matter or energy). This might mean that

Accelerating Scientific Discovery

The most beautiful thing you can experience is mysterious - Einstein Tldr: software tools and libraries that leverage Data-Centric computing can be used to accelerate scientific discovery. One area that caught my attention was Compute driven scientific discovery. So i

Generative AI and Future of HealthCare

In this article, we investigate the potential that AI offers for improving healthcare delivery. AI-Guided Treatment Policies: Deaths due to medical error in the U.S. is a significant problem. Generative AI models could assist healthcare providers in seeing potential

AI Ethics and Augmented Intelligence

In previous posts, I have discussed the challenges surrounding Explainable AI, AI Alignment, and the reality of how far we are from achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). I particularly like the concept of Augmented Intelligence and the immense potential it

Embarking on an AI transformation Journey

But the goal of data science is not to execute. Rather, the goal is to learn and develop profound new business capabilities. Algorithmic products and services like recommendations systems, client engagement bandits, style preference classification, size matching, fashion design systems,

Data Strategy for enabling Data-Centric AI

In today's data-driven world, data has become the lifeblood of many successful organizations. However, storing, analyzing, and deriving accurate insights from massive data volumes remains a key challenge. Building a strong data infrastructure, internal processes, and data pipelines